Fresh water supplies to Remote Berths and Garages

Although a piped water supply is not included in any of the leases for Posol
remote berths such a supply is installed on Posol land near to some berths.

Areas Ai, Aii, and B.

This is the first part of the estate to be built and at that time the developers were unaware of boat owners need for a water supply. The lack of such supplies became an impediment to sales causing the developers to give a verbal assurance to purchasers that they could draw water from the taps provided for the benefit of the gardeners, without charge. Note that Posol owned the taps but that in the early years the developers had control of Posol.

This offer was of negligible benefit to some berth owners as there were no gardener’s taps sufficiently close to their berths, and the developer chose not to install any for their benefit.

At the same time garage owners were given permission to use the water supplies near to the garages.

There was no written contract supporting the verbal offer made by the developers but Posol Directors are satisfied that such a verbal offer was made.

Berth holders may lay hose pipes across land owned by Posol but are strongly advised against laying hoses across adopted land (including roads and footpaths) or any private property (including driveways and house frontages). Any hose should be deployed carefully to avoid tripping or other accidents for which the person deploying the hose could incur personal liability. It should be noted that the water supply located near to 58 Newlyn Way is too far away from berths T55R, T56R, T57R and T58R for the use of a hosepipe. These five berths may of course take water using a bucket, or similar.

Areas C, D and E.

In the second half of the estate the developers did install fresh water pipes to points close to berths. These water supplies are not part of the Sub- Underlease to the berths and require individual supply contracts between the berth holder and Portsmouth Water Company.

As the pipes are located on Posol land the Company accepts that they are part of the estate infrastructure inherited from the developer and accepts responsibility for the repair and maintenance of these pipes and taps.