1. Purpose

    To monitor all berthing activities and to recommend to the Board any actions necessary in the event that unauthorised or inappropriate use could present a danger or nuisance to other berth users or conflict with POSOL’s contract with Premier Marinas.

  2. Formation

    The Berthing Working Group will consist of a Chairman, who will be a member of the Board, who will seek volunteers to support the work of the Group who are adequately qualified and motivated. The BWG will seek to have broad geographical representation from the estate where possible.

  3. Boat Surveys

    The BWG will regularly conduct a survey of boats on POSOL berths and will advise the Board of any unregistered boats which have been on a berth for more than 21 days.

  4. Compliance with Regulations

    The group will establish procedures for use by the Managing Agent to ensure that berth holders are using the berths in accordance with the Sub-Underlease.

  5. Monitor Registrations

    The BWG will monitor the Managing Agents record keeping of boat registrations, licences and compliance with berthing regulations.

  6. Marine Advice

    The BWG will be available to give advice on marine matters which are outside the experience of the Managing Agent.

  7. Negotiation with Berth Holders

    In the case of boats which are considered to be of inappropriate size for the berth, the BWG will discuss the need for a “Licence to Trespass” with the berth holder and will liaise with Premier as required. The Board will be kept informed of such negotiation.

  8. Pontoons

    The group will monitor the condition of all pontoons, piles and safety ladders. If directed by the Board, the group will organise appropriate repairs.