Southern Water Drainage Charges

Southern Water Drainage Charges

As a POSOL resident you will be aware that part of the annual charges you pay to Southern Water relates to surface water drainage.

Following an article that appeared Spring 2013 newsletter, POSOL approached Southern Water and has been in discussion with them for many months in an attempt to establish the true facts about surface water drainage on the estate and whether or not POSOL residents were due any refunds or rebates for such charges.

In order to investigate the matter fully, Southern Water commissioned several water flow tests which were carried out on Bryher Island.  The results of these tests indicate that those properties are directly connected to the surface water sewers.  While it has been proved that the sewers discharge into the marina, the surface water passes through Southern Water’s pipe work to get to it and therefore the charges levied by the water company are justified.

Southern Water has ruled that this principle will apply across the entire estate, and POSOL is unable to prove otherwise.  However, during the investigations some residents contacted POSOL to advise that they have surface water outlets in their gardens that run directly into the marina and as such their properties may be an exception to this rule.  Southern Water is not prepared to commission any further flow tests in any other locations for POSOL and as such there is nothing further that POSOL can do in this instance for the estate residents as a whole.  POSOL recommends therefore that any residents who can prove that the drainage on their individual freehold property does not enter into the surface water sewer should contact Southern Water directly and take this up with them further.

Residents should be aware that POSOL will be taking no further action in this matter and no further updates from POSOL will be published.