Portsmouth CC Five Year Plan

Portsmouth CC Five Year Plan

In 2012 Portsmouth CC produced a Local Plan which included developments at Port Solent and at Tipner. POSOL took an active part in contributing to these plans. In reality very little of the plan was instigated but under the rules relating to council planning these have to be updated every five years.

In 2017 Portsmouth Council issued an “Issues and Options” document, which is the first stage in the production of a new Local Plan. This should result in the production of a Draft Local Plan sometime in 2018. This draft plan will then be available for public comment with the expectation that the final plan will be produced in 2019.

The expectations are that houses will be built on the south side of Port Solent with areas close to the waterfront perhaps including industrial premises suitable for maritime activities.

A worrying feature is that the scope of the plan extends right up to the waters edge of the marina pool, on the south side. Redevelopment of the Boardwalk, the Chandlery, the boat hoist and the boat repair facilities are in the melting pot.